I first started working with Katie Anne just after my third bikini show in July 2016. I had been following Katie on social media for a few years after finding her through Layne Norton. I have used many coaches over the last 12 years, and Katie is the first one that I really connected with and could actually say she was my personal coach!

She takes the time to really get to know you and find out what works for you and your lifestyle. She is always positive and gives you that extra push when you aren't sure you can really do it but also listens if you do need a break. I increased my 1RM deadlift from 185lbs to 267lbs at my second powerlifting meet that Katie coached me through. I had always wanted to try powerlifting and seeing her go from figure competitions to powerlifting and her story mine was similar and I knew she would understand. Katie coached me for 2 powerlifting meets. On my meet days she was available all day emailing and texting asking how it was and was my support person even from another country!!

Her programs are all individual/custom to you! Due to some injuries I had to stop coaching and do some rehab but once I am ready again I would love to have Katie as my coach again!! I highly recommend her she is well worth it! Best investment! I’ll never forget to on my 30th birthday she and my husband arranged a Skype session for her to tell me my husband bought me more coaching as my present! The fact she took time out of her busy schedule to wish me a happy birthday was amazing!

Katie still checks in with me to see how I am doing it didn’t stop after my meets or after I took a break from her coaching. She still motivates me all the time! She has even given me the bug to do another bikini show in the future even when I said I never would!! Thanks to Katie for transforming my mind and the way to do fitness!!! :)