Marta Catania

First I'll start with my background.  I'm a 38 year old mother of 3 and was on a mission to fight the stereotypical "mom bod."  I had previously worked with 2 coaches prior to Katie, but after about a year with each I hadn't quite gotten the results I was looking for.  

One problem I kept running into with previous coaches was that I am not a competitor. Without a specific date as my target, I feel like my goals were often overlooked.  They preached the "it's a lifestyle" chant over and over.  Without the pressure of a competition date, I feel like I wasn't pressed as hard as I needed to be and the programming was a bit soft for what my body NEEDED to accomplish my goals. 

THEN - I found KATIE!!!!  I started with Katie in June of 2015.  Her programming was completely different than anything I had ever experienced previously and her intensity from the beginning was no joke!  No wonder I hadn't been seeing results!!! I remember the first week feeling very concerned that I wouldn't be able to execute the program and even felt regret of committing to 3 months with her haha!  Well, I expressed that concern to her and I remember her reply being so confident that she KNEW I could do it and sincerely believing in me.  I had never felt that kind of support from a coach ever. She had poured confidence into a 38 year old mother with no goal date in mind. It wasn't about 12 weeks or peak week or whatever you call it was just me. A mom who wanted to look better & feel strong. 

Katie continues to monitor my progress week by week and tweaks my program weekly so that I continue to make progress, gain strength & crush goals. No time is wasted ever. I know that if I do my part, she can do hers.  Since starting with Katie, I've added 50# to my deadlift, 55# to my squat and 20# to my bench. My form has transformed and improved with her coaching and I continue to make progress weekly.  There are still weeks I think "I can't do that" and she reminds me that I can.  Just as I start to feel comfortable & satisfied in my training, she pushes me into uncomfortable & hungry for more.

Last but not least, I would like to add that Katie feeds will never starve under her watch.  It's all about gaining strength to grow those muscles and in turn watch the inches drop!  

Katie is truly a talented coach that genuinely wants to see her clients be successful! 

Samantha Falcone

Katie Anne has helped me on my journey to being the best me that I can be for almost a year now! Not only has she helped me increase weight on all of my lifts, lose body fat and gain muscle, she also helps me stay focused motivated and in high spirits all the time.

She is a phenomenal coach. She motivates me to try my hardest every week. She also helps keep my head on straight. If I have a bad week or day at the gymI will message her. She is always there to tell me to keep my head up and reassures me its all part of the process.

Katie Anne is dedicated to helping her clients accomplish all of their goals. My experience with her has been amazing!! I've tried numerous programs and diets and they have all failed until now. Her support has kept me on track and consistent. I am very excited to continue on my journey with her help!

Sarah Armstrong

I have been working with Katie since September of 2015. I specifically remember in my first client questionnaire, I told her my goals were “reverse diet, muscle gain, fat loss, increase metabolic capacity, bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc.” That is ALL over the place, and I had no idea that in order to accomplish any of those things, one or another of them would need to suffer.

Katie still took me on as a clearly lost client, and I can confidently say over the past year I have accomplished all of those goals through different strategic dieting and training phases. Throughout this entire journey, Katie has been the one monitoring my training, strategically increasing intensity when necessary, and more importantly, knowing when to pull back the reins and slow things down.

Katie helped me maintain/slightly increase my strength through her expertised methods of training while I was dieting. I lost 20 pounds, and by simply maintaining my strength, increased my wilks score from ~368 to 400+. Katie has coached me through 2 meet preps, both of which didn’t go exactly as planned, but she was still there at the end to cheer me on and raise my spirits by putting things into perspective. Number wise, I went from training for my first powerlifting meet hoping to hit a ~340 lb deadlift, to repping out 315 lbs for 20+ reps and lifting 375 lbs at my second meet. I am now hoping to hit 400 lbs by my third or fourth meet. As for squat and bench, Katie has worked with me by sending videos back and forth on squats to help perfect my form, and helped transition me from toes to heels on bench (so I could compete in USAPL). She’s helped with teaching me how to target specific sore muscles, dealing with doubt, body image issues, and a lack of motivation, and most recently, overcoming a torn callus.

I don’t always send the most detailed or timely updates, but Katie is always on time and willing to help with training as needed. Her dedication to her clients and getting her work done is truly unique and is absolutely appreciated. Katie genuinely cares that others succeed, and she not only makes this evident in her detailed responses every week, but her desire to keep up with client’s personal lives via other social media outlets.

Katie has become more than a coach to me, she is my friend. Her confidence in me and true knowledge of powerlifting allows me to be confident in myself each and every time I step into the gym. I did not have this confidence before working with Katie, and I will forever be grateful to Katie for helping me believe in myself, something truly invaluable in both life and in the gym.

Sheila Viers


Like a lot of people, I stumbled upon Katie Anne while researching reverse dieting. As a health and life coach myself, I’ve been involved in health and fitness for quite some time and am drawn to people who are not living by the standard black and white health/diet rules. My own health and fitness journey began back when I was 15 and I thought that in order to be beautiful, I had to be “skinny.” Fast-forward many diets, a lot of trial and error, and finally finding my balance through intuitive eating, I began teaching what I had learned to other women. Then, in 2014 I had a lot of life changes and my lifestyle itself began looking quite different. I was traveling a lot more, entertaining, and “routine” was becoming less and less. I could feel a difference in my body and knew it was time to take it to the next level and embark on a new adventure to support my body best in this next phase. 

That’s when on a “Googling adventure” I stumbled upon Layne Norton and reverse dieting and then Katie, and it occurred to me, “What IF I could max out my metabolism so that I could eat whatever I wanted while traveling and not feel the fluctuations in my body?” I was also noticing that I didn’t feel as strong and my booty was looking a little less “booty” since I had been neglecting the gym in favor of long runs and “travel friendly” workouts, so I decided I wanted to take on a reverse diet as a “self-experiment” to see what would happen if I hit it hard in the gym and slowly increased macros over a period of time, say 6 months. I reverse dieted myself from April through the summer, and started with Katie Anne on my birthday in July. 

She has been amazing! So supportive and strong, especially in those moments when I really needed someone beside me to help me stay focused. (Even coaches need coaches when up-leveling!) We’ve completed the reverse diet phase, with me hitting 325g carbs, 86g fat, 135g protein. Over the course of our work together, I gained about 10 lbs, some of it fat, but A LOT of it was muscle. I also reduced cardio from 3x week to 1x week, 8 intervals. Through the process of working with Katie, my booty, back, arms, and legs have all transformed. We even had to work through a hip flexor injury and she was able to design a program that helped heal and strengthen it so that now I have no issues with it at all, while hitting PRs in all my lifts!

I’m now headed into my leaning out phase and can see the some serious definition already shining through! Reverse dieting is for sure a process, it doesn’t happen over night. But with consistency and an overall mindset of “not stressing about it”… the results are worth it. Honestly, nobody tells you how tough the mindset part is, especially for women that are used to dieting! You have to trust the process and REALLY trust your coach. Katie is that coach. She’s amazing. Can’t say enough great things about her. 

Ashley Armstrong

I consider myself to know a decent amount about lifting, so I thought I was going to do my own programming when I transitioned to powerlifting. That worked for a little while as I got stronger off of newbie gains. I soon reached a point where I was stalling and really didn’t know what to do. At this point I decided to reach out to Katie to see if she could be my coach moving forward. It is amazing how much I have progressed over the past year working with Katie, and I can easily say that I would be nowhere near as strong if I did not sign up to work with her last year.

Ever since I started lifting and getting interested in powerlifting, I have always looked up to Katie. She has followed her dreams and has committed 100%, allowing her to succeed in so many facets of her life. She has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge, passion and strength these past couple of years which have fully prepared her to be an excellent personal trainer. She has ALWAYS been on time with getting me my training for the next week, even if she is traveling. Katie is not only an excellent trainer, but is extremely relatable, funny, and supportive. I view her as a friend in addition to my coach. :) This kind of a relationship allows me to fully trust her. I don’t hold anything back when I update her each week, allowing me to maximize my benefits from this coach-athlete relationship. Katie has so many experiences in this area, which allows her to answer or give real life examples to any questions I may have.

I have switched goals quite a few times while working with her, but she has always supported me and has helped adjust my training accordingly. She knows when to pull the reins back a little when I am in the overreaching stages of training -- she always seems to know the perfect time for me to taper, which has been crucial in my recovery and mental focus in the gym.

Katie has helped me improve on each of the 3 main lifts. When I started working with her ten months ago, my max deadlift was 330 pounds -- I just hit this for 12 on an AMRAP last week! Further, my bench was my weakest lift, and she recognized that volume works wonders for me which has helped me put over 15 pounds onto my bench press :) Even further, she is currently helping me work my way up with squats as I recover from a hip flexor injury. During the time of the injury, Katie helped adjust my training and made sure all pain was avoided in the gym. I send her weekly squat videos, and she replies with feedback through text or even through explanatory videos, which has helped me significantly improve my squat.

Katie has helped me through 2 meets in the 63kg weight class, where she picked out my totals and helped me hit PRs at each meet :) I went 9/9 and 8/9 under her guidance. My goals changed in May of 2017, where I decided to cut down to the 57kg weight class. I am proud to say that through a 13 pound weight loss phase, Katie helped me maintain (or even gain some strength :)) which has drastically improved my overall wilks score.

I am confident to say I will be a part of #teamKatieAnneFit as she and I work toward my goal of USAPL Nationals 2017.