4 Week Online Training Group

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4 Week Online Training Group

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Train with us!

Bryce Calvin & Katie Anne.

Full 4 week powerbuilding plan with a lifting frequency of 5x per week.

Once you have purchased the plan, we will send you the link to the facebook group on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2nd.

The plan will be POSTED in excel format in the group page on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2nd.

Training will being on MONDAY, DECEMBER 3rd! :)

The FIRST time we have offered anything like this - a program that we believe will be perfect the the intermediate lifter who wants an affordable option with interaction with us, two coaches and training professionals specializing in powerbuilding programs.

What is is? A 4 week powerbuilding program with main lifts AND accessory lift selections. 5 days of lifting per week.

A private facebook group for participants ONLY. You can ask us questions and view LIVE FB Q&A events.

Outlined and detailed week-by-week training selections.

A place to ask questions and chat with us.

Interaction with other participants.

PRICE: $50 for the program AND access to us in the private facebook group! This is less than a third of the price of one on one training with us.

How do you participate?

Purchase “4 week training program”. We are LIMITING the number of participants so we can still answer your individual questions and concerns.

You MUST have access to facebook in order to be a part of this program.

We will send you the facebook group link on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2nd.

Workouts will be posted IN the facebook group in excel format ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2nd.

If you do not have facebook, then you cannot participate.


How do I get access to the facebook group?

Purchase the program on www.powerfitperformance.com and we will send you a facebook group invite on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2nd! MAKE SURE THE EMAIL YOU GIVE IS THE EMAIL YOU USE FOR FACEBOOK!

Otherwise, you will have trouble accessing the group.

Is this program 100 percent customized?

No, this program is a 5 day per week program that is based on feedback from our clients as well as our own training experience. We think that this program will be ideal for those who are at LEAST intermediate level and want a training challenge!

What does the facebook group do for me?

The group will allow you to ask us questions, chat with other participants, and view facebook live videos where you can interact with us. The perk of the facebook group is direct access to us and a more personal experience!

What if I do not have access to some of the exercises listed or have an injury preventing me from certain movements?

No worries! Simply post in the group, ask your question, and we will make an alternate recommendation :) 

How long is the program? 

4 weeks!

Is nutrition in this program?

Not for this one. However, based on feedback, that may be something we will add in the future!

We are so excited to launch our first online trainer - hope to have you join.

With any questions, please contact Katie at KatieAnneFit@gmail.com