Working with Katie has been tremendous. I came to her because I could not get my training together and I desperately wanted to do a powerlifting meet. I couldn't put all the pieces together by myself. In fact I had tried to sign up for meets in the past and pulled out for a variety of reasons.

Once we started working together I gained SO much insight about programming, training, nutrition and mindset. I entered my first powerlifting meet AND won third in my weight class...something I thought was impossible for me - Like seriously, I came to her as a very unconfident, fragile kind of person. I am now on my way to help coach other athletes. It's funny too because as my strength finally started increasing continuously so did my physique.

She has a lot more to offer than nutrition and training recommendations, however- which is why I chose HER over many other coaches out there. Her attitude, faith, and overall persona are positively contagious and have really had a profound impact on me. I look up to her as a role-model. She has not only helped me to restore faith in myself, but to help me believe that I have a higher purpose and to help others.

I thought I was just getting help with my training, but little did I know my life came together as well! I have other goals outside of powerlifting and she has helped me balance training with life! So many issues that have stemmed from years of depression and anxiety have been remedied and I owe her a lot of thanks for that. My life has improved in more ways than I could have imagined. Whether that sounds cliche or not, it is 100% true. Powerlifting is meant to empower others and that is exactly what she does.