I have been working with Katie since September of 2015. I specifically remember in my first client questionnaire, I told her my goals were “reverse diet, muscle gain, fat loss, increase metabolic capacity, bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc.” That is ALL over the place, and I had no idea that in order to accomplish any of those things, one or another of them would need to suffer. 

Katie still took me on as a clearly lost client, and I can confidently say over the past year I have accomplished all of those goals through different strategic dieting and training phases. Throughout this entire journey, Katie has been the one monitoring my training, strategically increasing intensity when necessary, and more importantly, knowing when to pull back the reins and slow things down. 

Katie helped me maintain/slightly increase my strength through her expertised methods of training while I was dieting. I lost 20 pounds, and by simply maintaining my strength, increased my wilks score from ~368 to 400+. Katie has coached me through 2 meet preps, both of which didn’t go exactly as planned, but she was still there at the end to cheer me on and raise my spirits by putting things into perspective. Number wise, I went from training for my first powerlifting meet hoping to hit a ~340 lb deadlift, to repping out 315 lbs for 20+ reps and lifting 375 lbs at my second meet. I am now hoping to hit 400 lbs by my third or fourth meet. As for squat and bench, Katie has worked with me by sending videos back and forth on squats to help perfect my form, and helped transition me from toes to heels on bench (so I could compete in USAPL). She’s helped with teaching me how to target specific sore muscles, dealing with doubt, body image issues, and a lack of motivation, and most recently, overcoming a torn callus. 

I don’t always send the most detailed or timely updates, but Katie is always on time and willing to help with training as needed. Her dedication to her clients and getting her work done is truly unique and is absolutely appreciated. Katie genuinely cares that others succeed, and she not only makes this evident in her detailed responses every week, but her desire to keep up with client’s personal lives via other social media outlets. 

Katie has become more than a coach to me, she is my friend. Her confidence in me and true knowledge of powerlifting allows me to be confident in myself each and every time I step into the gym. I did not have this confidence before working with Katie, and I will forever be grateful to Katie for helping me believe in myself, something truly invaluable in both life and in the gym.