I started training with Katie Anne in September 2015. I work a hybrid powerlifting and bodybuilding program with her as well as nutrition. I have gone through the reverse diet process with her and two powerlifting meets - coming in third place and then first place in my weight class. She really puts thought into my programming and customizes my training and nutrition based on my weekly check-ins and my long term goals.

She has been so supportive throughout my journey, and even though I train with her online I have always felt like she understands exactly what my goals are and helps me reach them. She is very responsive and truly cares about what she does and her clients. Anytime I have a question, she responds thoroughly and quickly. I love corresponding with her. She encourages me and helps me stay confident when I have difficult days in the gym and reminds me of what is really important in the big picture. Her down-to-earth attitude and determined spirit make her a great role model for me.