Today, I want to talk about positivity. How positive are you with yourself?

Each day is a BATTLE of the mind. I do not believe that individuals are inherently happier or have a more positive attitude. Like any skill that you must develop, your attitude and positivity is something you must also work on as well. 

I often am asked the question, what do you think about right before a big lift in the gym or on the platform competing? My honest answer: I am telling myself that I CAN and that I WILL do the task ahead of me. I do not question myself. Sure, I am not perfect and there are times that I doubt myself in training or in competition, but for the majority of the time, I believe in myself and I believe in my capabilities. I know that I have a purpose in whatever is set in front of me - even if it is as simple as lifting weights and accomplishing the task at hand.

Think about it this way… The attitude you have before and after a lift can impact numerous people around you (those in the same room... Those who see video of your lift). How do I want others to see lifting? I want them to see it as a task that CAN be accomplished and a task that can empower you in other aspects of your life.

Positivity is something that MUST be practiced, similar to how a powerlifter must practice their form or a figure competitor must practice walking in heels and posing. Nothing in life is automatic. Sure, certain circumstances will allow an individual to be primed to be happier at various times. However, I can tell you that some of the most miserable people I have ever met have some of the best “circumstances” you could imagine. It saddens me to see so many individuals harder on themselves than anyone else in their life. It is frustrating to me to see so many people pick apart their bodies day after day when they are in fact beautiful and made for a special purpose. 

BEGIN using your gifts and BEGIN a new mindset. You can renew your mind by simply telling yourself you CAN and you are CAPABLE. Start simply in the gym. Tell yourself that you strong, fierce, and can do incredible things. It is amazing how starting this positivity in something as simple as lifting weights can transcend into other aspects of your life. Soon you may see that your positive perspective is impacting those around you...To work harder and be more persistent in their dedication. You may also find yourself more positive in other arenas of your life.

Positivity and positive self talk are more impactful than you may think. How can you become a more positive person? Here are 5 tips to start...

1.) Wake up every day and listen to a positive message on a podcast, in a devotional, or something similar. Starting the day in the right mindset is KEY.
2.) Think of three things that you are thankful for before you open your email, social media, or look at any texts.
3.) Tell yourself that you CAN accomplish what is in front of you for the day. 
4.) If you find yourself doubting your abilities, tell yourself that you can do more than you think. “You got this. You CAN do this. God is with me” --- I say those on repeat. 
5.) Unfollow anyone who does not add something positive to your life on social media.

Hope these help and keep up the positivity.