Lately, I have been praying (a lot!) and thinking hard about my path moving forward. I have always been the type of person who enjoys the training more than the actual competition. Just because I compete regularly doesn't mean I HAVE to compete any time soon or feel the pressure to get back on stage or back on the platform on a certain timeline. I want to do it because I want to - not because I feel I have to. This summer, I want to have fun and change up my training a bit. 

After discussing my options with my coach, I have decided to enter into a mini-cut to lose a bit of body fat and see how my body responds to the changes. It will not be anything drastic, but it is exciting for me to enter into a cut after not dieting down for over two years. I realize that probably the majority of my followers have never seen me in a deficit or diet down! I have spent the past two years focusing on powerlifting and gaining weight slowly. This is interesting to me because it seems like yesterday that I was in contest prep, but it indeed has been two whole years! Right after I made a post about entering into a cut, I received many questions surrounding it --- am I cutting out food groups? Am I adding in a lot of cardio? Will I have cheat meals? Well, NO, kinda, and nope ;) Cardio maybe once or twice a week tops. No cheat meals, still counting macros each day! I realize that many people are still unaware of how to incorporate a flexible diet into their life and still lose body fat. Below are my pictures after a couple of days of dieting. I feel as though I am in a good spot at 160lbs!

This will be an exciting realm for me to cover as I lose a bit of weight myself and still try to maintain my strength as best as possible. My training will be modified a bit to focus more on hypertrophy in the near future, but I will still be incorporating powerlifting, of course. As far as my competition plans are, those are TBD! It shall be a surprise ;) 

Thanks for reading and excited to have you all along in this journey! See video below for my recent training and explaining why I am entering into a mini cut.