My journey has been long with many twists and turns. What initially started as a passion for athletics at a young age developed into a post-college bodybuilding and powerlifting competition endeavor. Throughout my entire journey, one part of my story that cannot be emphasized enough is the importance of the process & journey... Not solely an end point or show date. 

Vital: learning the lessons pertinent to us throughout the process of improving ourselves without losing sight of the fact that an end result will NEVER bring us happiness. Temporary joy can be found in events but the lasting impact and joy that is associated with any task meant to develop us is found in the PROCESS, or as some like to call it, the daily journey or grind.

HOW are you leaving your impact wherever you go? How are you making a difference? One of my favorite expressions by De Novo Nutrition is the simple notion of "leaving your mark". Leaving your mark will not involve the sole focus on one's self. It involves more than just US. How are you making an impact in what you are doing? How are you hoping to "leave your mark"? I can tell you that leaving your mark must be more than stepping on stage or competing in one powerlifting meet. Share your journey. Inspire others along the way. Use your gifts to impact others and you will see your mark grow bigger than you ever anticipated. 

<3 Katie