One of my favorite pre workout snacks! (7g protein, 41g carbs, 9g fat). I typically want something that is NOT heavy and will NOT sit in my stomach (high fiber will do this) pre workout. As a note, I had protein about an hour before this. If you need protein, add a side of De Novo Nutrition White Cake Whey (my absolute favorite). 

This snack is just the perfect option when I am on the go and need a few carbs before a lifting session!

2 caramel rice cakes

6 ml coconut oil

20ml sugar free syrup mixed with 10g PB2

Salt to taste

50g banana

5g chocolate chips

5g Honey

Sprinkles on top as desired

PRO TIP: Spray one side of the caramel rice cakes with coconut oil, salt, and flip over. Having the side salty that is face down will enhance the flavor by resulting in a bit of salt with each bit. Having the salt at the bottom of the rice cake will ensure that you taste the salt, and it is not just hitting the top.

Mix coconut oil, sugar free syrup, and PB2 together. Place on rice cakes, top with banana, chocolate chips, honey, sprinkles, and ENJOY :) A perfect complement to this would be a hot cup of coffee :)