First I'll start with my background.  I'm a 38 year old mother of 3 and was on a mission to fight the stereotypical "mom bod."  I had previously worked with 2 coaches prior to Katie, but after about a year with each I hadn't quite gotten the results I was looking for.  

One problem I kept running into with previous coaches was that I am not a competitor. Without a specific date as my target, I feel like my goals were often overlooked.  They preached the "it's a lifestyle" chant over and over.  Without the pressure of a competition date, I feel like I wasn't pressed as hard as I needed to be and the programming was a bit soft for what my body NEEDED to accomplish my goals. 

THEN - I found KATIE!!!!  I started with Katie in June of 2015.  Her programming was completely different than anything I had ever experienced previously and her intensity from the beginning was no joke!  No wonder I hadn't been seeing results!!! I remember the first week feeling very concerned that I wouldn't be able to execute the program and even felt regret of committing to 3 months with her haha!  Well, I expressed that concern to her and I remember her reply being so confident that she KNEW I could do it and sincerely believing in me.  I had never felt that kind of support from a coach ever. She had poured confidence into a 38 year old mother with no goal date in mind. It wasn't about 12 weeks or peak week or whatever you call it was just me. A mom who wanted to look better & feel strong. 

Katie continues to monitor my progress week by week and tweaks my program weekly so that I continue to make progress, gain strength & crush goals. No time is wasted ever. I know that if I do my part, she can do hers.  Since starting with Katie, I've added 50# to my deadlift, 55# to my squat and 20# to my bench. My form has transformed and improved with her coaching and I continue to make progress weekly.  There are still weeks I think "I can't do that" and she reminds me that I can.  Just as I start to feel comfortable & satisfied in my training, she pushes me into uncomfortable & hungry for more.

Last but not least, I would like to add that Katie feeds will never starve under her watch.  It's all about gaining strength to grow those muscles and in turn watch the inches drop!  

Katie is truly a talented coach that genuinely wants to see her clients be successful!