I have been training with Katie since November of 2016. Prior to working with her one on one, I spent SEVERAL years following her on social media and wishing I could do what she was doing. I came from a world where women were looked down upon for lifting heavy or having a piece of cake to count as their "pre-workout" snack. All I knew was that Katie was crushing her goals by doing these things and wanted so badly to be just like that! I started creating a DUP training regimen by making my own workouts and following my own nutrition but I knew I needed more. 

A friend and coworker of mine reached out to me about my goals with food and training. She did a tremendous job helping me overcome many obstacles and boundaries the year I spent working with her. Towards the end of working with my friend, I fell off track and lost all motivation to do anything that would point me in a better direction towards my health and fitness goals. 

The end of last year made me realize so much about what I not only wanted to do, but needed to do in order to keep myself happy. Happy with the physical and mental stages of fitness. I had goals set to compete in my first power lifting meet in spring of '17. Unfortunately, the beginning of this year brought some events that led me to not competing, and also finding myself swallowed into a very negative spot in my life. Without Katie's help, advice, emails, prayers, I'm not sure what or who or where I would be to this day.

Katie has not only been my biggest motivator and inspiration this past year, she has been a mentor, a friend, and someone I have always been able to count on for kind words or advice when I need it the most. I had some bumps in the road, yes, but Katie did not allow me to sit back and wallow in my own sadness. She gave me the encouragement to get back up and find a way to fight through some of the worst times of my life. She has been patient and kind and so much more! It's hard to find someone who could ever care as much as she does or spends as much time on your personalized workouts to meet your demands/needs. 

Right now, I'm not sure if I will ever find the desire to compete but I do know that I have an amazing coach that will lead me to that point if I ever choose it.

I may not have the greatest story to tell and I may never do anything that is considered "stupendous" in the competition world but I do know one thing-Katie is an astounding human being that will not only help you pursue your dreams (whatever they may be), she will not lie to you, she is selfless, honest, kind... the list goes on. I am forever grateful for this woman for everything she has done for me!!