Over the years I’ve worked with 5 different coaches.  I’ve worked with Katie since January 2016 and I couldn’t be happier. I think a lot goes into a successful coaching relationship; everyone has different personalities and needs, so I’ll explain why Katie has been the absolute best coach for me. I competed in my first figure competition in 2013, with an old school “bro” type coach who literally starved me for 14 weeks of prep, despite having a year of notice before my show to help me get ready.  It was my first show, and bottom line, I was just skinny. I needed to build. Since before I can remember, I’ve always worried about food and weight and have spent my entire adult life in a deficit.  After my show I started binging and gained a lot of body fat.  I knew I needed to gain more muscle and I was following Katie’s journey on social media.  I started tracking macros and transitioned my training to include more compound movements.  One year into this though, I still couldn’t squat and deadlift safely and was struggling with a back injury from my teens that would constantly flare up.  I decided to travel to a seminar Katie was hosting.  She was just as genuine in real life as she appeared on social media so I decided to start working with her, thinking that she could help me take my physique and training to the next level.  I was also thinking about the possibility of competing again.

When I first started training with Katie, I could only squat 80 pounds.  Within 6 months I was able to squat 160 pounds with confidence for reps.  Managing my back pain and lifting safely has been one of my biggest priorities and I couldn’t be happier with Katie’s approach.  She’s smart, conservative, listens and cares. She always knows when I actually should be pushing through a plateau versus when I’m being too hard on myself.  Her feedback and message always comes at the right time, in the right way.

Also, I love the freedom she’s given me by instilling wisdom about macros and how foods affect my body.  I used to stress about eating out or eating certain foods. Reverse dieting isn’t easy, in fact it can be more difficult that cutting, but Katie helped me through the entire process.  We worked to get my calories higher than they have ever been so that I could safely go into my prep macros. This process was absolutely life changing and has been a huge contributor of my ability to build the best physique I have ever had. Katie is smart, and very well educated and experienced on flexible dieting and IIFYM and the science behind it. 

 The most important thing for me, that’s non-negotiable, is that hands down, Katie is a good person. She’s got a heart gold and only wants the best for me and it shows in how she’s managed the partnership. What really sets Katie apart from other coaches is her responsiveness.  She takes her role as a coach seriously; it’s not just a hobby for her or a “little side job.” She left her corporate career to run this business and she runs it with all her heart and it really shows. She’s incredibly responsive, typically within 12 hours, which is unheard of in the industry.  She goes above and beyond to help you understand and answers all questions. One other thing that really sets Katie apart is her understanding of each individual as a person, that perhaps they have different goals and she helps bring your own goals into perspective when you’re struggling. The mental and emotional side of bodybuilding and powerlifting are critical and it’s important to have a coach who understands this and is very sensitive to it. I will continue to work with Katie and hands down, strongly recommend her for athletes who want to take their physique to the next level.