Let me start by saying I worked out for 20 years after battling an eating disorder. I was the typical female who wanted to put on muscle but didn’t want to see the scale go up. I wanted to look like the figure girls in magazines after they did a show - cut up muscles, tight legs perky butt, and small waist but without going through the gain phase. In turn, I never got stronger or achieved the muscle density needed.

I came across Katie on a powerlifting site and watched some of her YouTube training videos where she squatted massive amount of weight effortlessly - and I couldn't even squat 135 pounds at the time. After contacting her, I decided to sign up with her for 3 months (test it out). BEST decision I made. With all the online coaches, I hit the jackpot.

In the past, I worked with coaches that were great in the beginning, then took on too much or only cared about competitors, so that they wouldn’t respond to emails or check in updates. With Katie, she replies within a day, even when on vacation. She makes you feel important whether you compete or not.

I surpassed my goal of squatting 135 - now I can squat 185 for 4 reps and 1 RM is 200... Which is a huge deal for me. I no longer weigh myself, I go by feel and the only number I care about is what’s on the bar. Not only am I stronger in all my lifts, but my form has improved from watching all her training posts. I know I am the heaviest I ever been but look the best (mostly get complimented on my butt gains). I’ve been with Katie a year and half now and the response time and quality of every check in has been the same since day one. I feel I am just as important as someone competing at the Arnold. In the year and a half, I passed so many goals that I have fought to hit for 20 years. She’s not just a great coach, but a genuinely nice caring person.  And I am looking forward to see what the next year and half brings, maybe 300 on squats. (yes.. you’re stuck with me lol) ;)