I consider myself to know a decent amount about lifting, so I thought I was going to do my own programming when I transitioned to powerlifting. That worked for a little while as I got stronger off of newbie gains. I soon reached a point where I was stalling and really didn’t know what to do. At this point I decided to reach out to Katie to see if she could be my coach moving forward. It is amazing how much I have progressed over the past year working with Katie, and I can easily say that I would be nowhere near as strong if I did not sign up to work with her last year. 

Ever since I started lifting and getting interested in powerlifting, I have always looked up to Katie. She has followed her dreams and has committed 100%, allowing her to succeed in so many facets of her life. She has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge, passion and strength these past couple of years which have fully prepared her to be an excellent personal trainer. She has ALWAYS been on time with getting me my training for the next week, even if she is traveling. Katie is not only an excellent trainer, but is extremely relatable, funny, and supportive. I view her as a friend in addition to my coach. :) This kind of a relationship allows me to fully trust her. I don’t hold anything back when I update her each week, allowing me to maximize my benefits from this coach-athlete relationship. Katie has so many experiences in this area, which allows her to answer or give real life examples to any questions I may have.

I have switched goals quite a few times while working with her, but she has always supported me and has helped adjust my training accordingly. She knows when to pull the reins back a little when I am in the overreaching stages of training -- she always seems to know the perfect time for me to taper, which has been crucial in my recovery and mental focus in the gym. 

Katie has helped me improve on each of the 3 main lifts. When I started working with her ten months ago, my max deadlift was 330 pounds -- I just hit this for 12 on an AMRAP last week! Further, my bench was my weakest lift, and she recognized that volume works wonders for me which has helped me put over 15 pounds onto my bench press :) Even further, she is currently helping me work my way up with squats as I recover from a hip flexor injury. During the time of the injury, Katie helped adjust my training and made sure all pain was avoided in the gym. I send her weekly squat videos, and she replies with feedback through text or even through explanatory videos, which has helped me significantly improve my squat. 

Katie has helped me through 2 meets in the 63kg weight class, where she picked out my totals and helped me hit PRs at each meet :) I went 9/9 and 8/9 under her guidance. My goals changed in May of 2017, where I decided to cut down to the 57kg weight class. I am proud to say that through a 13 pound weight loss phase, Katie helped me maintain (or even gain some strength :)) which has drastically improved my overall wilks score. 

I am confident to say I will be a part of #teamKatieAnneFit as she and I work toward my goal of USAPL Nationals 2017.