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Katie is more than a personal trainer or online coach. She is a support system, personal friend, and an overall amazing woman. Katie goes above and beyond for her clients and I’m so lucky to have experienced the amazing knowledge she provides ranging from training, nutrition, and personal lifestyle goals. 

Katie and I began working together early in January 2018 and we were on a mission to get me prepared for a bikini competition in the summer. As time went on and my personal life changed, I realized this goal was no longer fitting to my lifestyle and current situation. Katie never pressured me into continuing through with what I started, but instead, she always supported my goals and shifted our plans to fit my current needs. She is always open to hearing feedback, what she can improve upon, and how things are working for her clients in regards to their training/nutrition and their personal lives. 

I’m forever blessed to have worked with her and seeing the results from her guidance has been amazing. I have not only grown and changed physically, but the biggest shift so far has been my mentality. I have a whole new relationship with my body and food, which I also have to credit Katie for helping me achieve. 

If you’re looking for a chance to truly transform and change your life in more ways than one, Katie is your girl!