The journey began last year with my first bikini fitness competition. Being afraid of putting on weight, I was restricting food so much that it lead to binge eating and loss of interested in working out. I knew though that setting up a new goal will help me to focus, so I reached to Katie to prepare me for my first powerlifing meet. 

Seeing on social media how positive, but also determined person she is, was the reason why I wanted her to be my coach. 

After few e-mail exchanges, I received the programming. The motivation was back! The programming was awesome, every workout had at least one of the big 3 lifts (I could live only with them) and accessory exercises to be chosen from recommend list, but also to what I enjoy the most. Yay! Finally I can do in the gym what I love! Every workout I was pushing myself to complete what was given from Katie. I loved that! No more litte voice in my head saying - I can't do one more rep, instead saying - I have to do it! Now, I was looking forward to next training session! 

However, even such a great trainings were not able to help me to keep the focus on the restricted diet.  I was so tired of constantly thinking of food and knowing that it's so limited (~1.3k calories are not sustainable long term). After a week of binge eating it was time to change it and I knew that Katie was the person that could help me. Didn't have to wait for the decision and support long. Goal - reverse. 

My carbs and fats were growing each week, so the weight in the gym. What became more important for me was how much I lifted, now how much I weighted. That was such a relief! 

Katie taught me also is that it's ok to have bad days, what matter the most is to looking at the big picture and cheering every little success. 

Summary after 18 weeks working with Katie:

+ improved relationship with food

+ no more binge eating

+ sensation of feeling satisfied after a meal - no need to stuff myself

+ progress in squat from 57.5kg to 77kg (after 3 years!) 

+ fell in love with weights again

+ none training session missed

+ 1st powerlifing meet completed

+ 2nd powerlifing meet in prep

This definitely would not be possible without a great coach, who can direct the client, give the support, provide feedback in the way that the client feels even more encourage and empowered! The coach that is patient, but responsive, the coach that knows how to give construction criticism, but also cheers with you your every little success! And that's Katie! :)